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Typically Hammock are basically used outside, but it doesn't limit its usage indoors, like setting it up in the bedroom, living room, sunroom or even in your attic. If your apartment can afford the space for it and positions to hang it (you need just 2 walls in the 2,4-3,2 meters distance) then there's nothing stopping you from setting up a hammock inside yo...

Hammocks are made from a material known as acrylic spun yarn. The yarn is typically used in embroidery and crocheting, and is known to have the most natural feel of any type of yarn. Acrylic yarn is as soft as cotton, but still very resistant to the sun and water. It also comes in a range of different colors because it can be dyed so easily. Hammock manufact...

Now hammock has become an incredibly popular item for the outdoor setting bringing enjoyable experience to its owners. Buying the hammock for the outdoor use you should consider few things that will help you to make the most of your fresh air relaxation or camping time.

#1 Weatherproof

Choosing the hammock you should pay close attention to the material from wh...

Dear friends,

We are glad to invite you to our showroom in the Home 65 - a big furniture store on 65 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore, 239003.

We are located on the second floor, tern right from elevator. Here you can explore our hammock, touch and feel it by yourself.

Welcome and enjoy!

For many of us hammock serves as a fabulous outdoor accessory for a fresh air relaxation. However you may notice that some people start to bring it inside their homes. We picked up and summarized our favorite hammock ideas that hopefully will help you in decorating your indoor space with this beautiful and functional decor item.

1. Hammock in your living room


Hammock is a functional and unusual decor addition for the interior of your balcony, room in HDB, apartment or private house. Read here how to choose the best one!

How to sleep better? We have prepared for you really good working method - 7 bedtime rituals! Try it and make your sleep time better and better!

Best gift idea for friends and parents. For he and her, for birthday, Christmas or any other celebration! Make really nice present for those who you love!

Hammock in your home or office now is a fancy and unusual decor addition and an easy way to add some zest to any interior that will definitely highlight your approach and personality itself.

We have selected several design options for completely different types of living and working space interior. Get inspired by ideas we prepared for you and update your hom...

Let us introduce ZEN hammocks - luxury hammocks designed and produced by professionals with more than 30 years experience!

There are many hammocks in Singapore market, but it was a challenge to find some high quality item for your luxury home, patio or garden. That's true - Singaporeans are considered to be connoisseurs of good quality and luxurious living....

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