10 ideas for indoor hammock use

November 2, 2017

For many of us hammock serves as a fabulous outdoor accessory for a fresh air relaxation. However you may notice that some people start to bring it inside their homes. We picked up and summarized our favorite hammock ideas that hopefully will help you in decorating your indoor space with this beautiful and functional decor item.


1. Hammock in your living room


How to make the most of every square inch of your living room? Portable hammock may become that furniture solution that would match your needs. Hammock in a living room centrally placed will draw attention of your guests and will become truly beloved spot for them.


2. Hammock Chairs


Hammock chair can transform your bedroom in a cozy and rather stylish space. Monochrome hammock chair itself will perfectly match your calm tones room and will add some relaxing zest to its interior.



3. Book Nook


Sometimes we think that indoor hammocks were created especially for book lovers. What a dream to nook in a hammock with a book and wrap yourself up in a soft plaid! It may become enjoyable place both for adults and kids who keen on reading.



4. Indoor Playground


For many Singaporeans whose indoor space is quite tight, keeping kids entertained during all day long is not an easy deal. By placing a hammock into a living room you may create a fun area for your children to play. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on them while they are playing.



5.Peaceful Retreat


You may easily turn the hammock into your favorite spot in the house. Being placed along the window and combined with plaid and pillows or house plants it will become your private sanctuary after busy days.



6. Sofa Alternative


Hammock may easily become an extra or alternative sofa for your living room saving the space indeed. Look at such design decision for a city apartment and nice double sitting area around the tables.


7. Loft Apartment


Hammock is frequently used in a loft design as a contrast detail to soften the strict lines and to allow sunlight to come through the apartment.


8. Hammock swing


What about having a lovely swing just at your room? We like the idea of a hammock chair placed in a kids room for a calm and enjoyable swinging.



9. Romantic getaway


What about bringing some romance into your family evening’s or weekend routine? We do love the idea of allocating the hammock in your living room for some quality time with your family.


10. Space Divider


Often you may find the hammock being used as a room divider between dining and living space. Check out this smart and creative solution for city apartment.


Hope this ideas for indoor hammock use have inspired you to change an interior and add some ZEN to your life!



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